1. How do I get on your email list? 

  2. When do tryouts start?

    • Tryouts for the 2019 season will begin on February 25th. Teams will be announced on February 27th.

  3. How do I found out what to wear on game day?

    • Starting in 2019, all players (Varsity and JV) will be required to wear the team issued sweat suit on the bus to away games and during warmups for both home and away games. Jersey combinations will be sent out in the team group chat, please speak with one of the varsity captains to get on the group chat.

  4. What helmet do I need for the season?

    • The Lake Oswego Lacrosse program does not provide team helmets for the season. However, we do require players to have matching helmets during their 4-year tenure with the program. Our helmet colors are as follows: all white shell and chin, with a chrome (silver) face mask. Here is a link to the helmet worn by most players: click here. Helmet decals are provided by the club.

  5. Where do I find information regarding team policies?

    • Lake Oswego Lacrosse follows the same policies as the rest of the Lake Oswego Athletic Program. Policies, expectations, and much more can be found in the LOSD Student/Parent Handbook under “Forms”. The cultural standards and expectation, unique to our program, can be found under “Mission”.